BP&O: Burnish

BP&O: Burnish.


6 thoughts on “BP&O: Burnish

    • Richard, Thanks for the input. The links to sources on my posts are auto-generated by the WordPress “Press This” widget, so they are formatted by your blog’s meta-data somehow. I have to admit that I do not 100% understand how that specifically works. Ill do my best to fix this and posts in the future, but it might be helpful if you know what on your end should be changed to make sure that I and others who might reblog you can do so in a way consistent with your branding desires. Thanks for checking out my site. Please feel free to point out any additional posts that you would like fixed. Thanks!

      • Richard- I also got one that was in the que for next week. I really appreciate the high quality content you produce. Given that I am also a designer and that much of what I curate here is branding related in one way or another, I can appreciate your desire to keep branding consistent. As of yet, you are the first to bring to my attention this concern, so it should not be too bad for me to try to remember to change it when I repost your stuff. It is important to me to make sure the content “producers” are happy, because I do not “produce” as much as I “curate” in this particular venue. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  1. Thanks for getting back to me, I think it’s basically pulling the post title rather than the name of the blog (which I think is more important from a brand point of view). I appreciate you changing it for now and understand that it isn’t your fault, please don’t feel the need to change any future posts, I look at it my end.

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