An Uncertain Future for PrttyPictures Blog

Dear PrttyPictures Fans,

Today is the day that Google Reader officially dies. With this, it is uncertain what will become of this blog. My hope is to be able to keep doing this because it is valuable to me and how I keep up with the Design world and I hope that is valuable to you as well. That stated, Google Reader was a HUGE part of my workflow for discovering content to post here.

I have been actively seeking a replacement for Google Reader since the announcement was made that it would be killed, but as of today I still have not found what I consider a suitable replacement. Currently, I have posts in place through 18 July, 2013. During this time I will continue to seek a suitable replacement, and I welcome your suggestions in the comments below. If I do not find a suitable replacement for Google Reader, I fear that I will not be able to continue this blog or that if I do, the content quality and/or frequency of posting will severely diminish. Just a heads up.


Gabe Tippery – Curator of PrttyPictures


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