What is this Prtty Pictures blog all about? 

Prtty Pictures is a curated collection of design related images by Gabe Tippery. The requirement for a project to become part of this collection is pretty simple, it is a project that makes Gabe pause when he sees it and say to himself “That is interesting and I might like to easily find this again someday.”

Previous to these images being publicly shared on a blog, many of these images had been collected over several years in the curator’s iPhoto library. There came a point though when Gabe realized three key points that pushed him to post these images to the web.

  1. Collecting these images in his iPhoto library seemed really selfish, maybe others would enjoy his curation.
  2. It was near impossible to easily track sources of the images collected, so when he wanted to reference a project further, searching was a crap-shoot.
  3. All these images were taking up a lot of space on his hard-drive, letting them take up someone else’s space made more sense.

With that, Prtty Pictures started as a place to store and share inspirational and interesting images. It was originally hosted on Posterous.com, but moved here to WordPress.com as the curator was looking for a system that would integrate better with his other online presences.

In an effort for full-disclosure, Gabe also thought that having a blog like this might be helpful for his self-serving goal of driving more traffic to his primary site: gabetippery.com.

#ShamelessSelfPromotion #WorldWideWebDomination

Who is this curator, Gabe Tippery?

After earning his Bachelor of Science in Interior Space Design from The Ohio State University (OSU) in 2009, Gabe is currently, until August 2012, a Graduate Teaching Associate and MFA Candidate in The OSU – Department of Design. Gabe has been a guest lecturer and studio critic numerous times, both at Ohio State and the Columbus College of Art & Design. His current research interests center around the intersection of Web 2.0 and the Design Classroom, and he would love nothing more than to have discussions about how we as educators and designers can transform the institutions where we teach design and the ways in which we practice it.

In addition to his academic and design related endeavors, Gabe is also a Certified Recording Engineer, avid cycling advocate, musician, and a committed partner and father. He is a firm proponent for sensible copyright law and believes that bio statements should always be written in third person.

Gabe’s online presence is evolving at: gabetippery.com

IF you like, there are lots of ways to learn more about Gabe or Contact him:


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