The (temporary?) end of

Well… Yesterday I posted the last of the scheduled posts for this blog. If this is news to you, go back and read my post on 24 December 2013. I hope that you also enjoyed the additional “Twelve Days of Christmas” posting schedule. For more of this type of content, I hope that you will start to follow me on Twitter (@gabe_t) and watch for the #prtttypictures tags in my stream.

As one final gift, and my final act of curation for a while, here are some of the top blogs that I followed to discover content for this blog. This is not a comprehensive listing and is presented in no particular order. I am putting it here though just incase you would like to go directly to my sources, without the added benefit of my curation. 😉

Be well.

Gabe Tippery – (now former or on hiatus) Curator of

The List